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MIT Enterprise Forum CEE 2nd Edition

MIT Enterprise Forum CEE 2nd Edition

MIT Enterprise Forum CEE DemoDay
On December 9th had the pleasure of following the story of MIT Enterprise Forum CEE during the demo day of 2nd batch of their startups. Congratulations to Chatbotize, Digital Engineering Solutions, GlucoActive, Teleneuroforma , Saventic for reaching the next step at Boston Bootcamp! And whole MIT EF CEE team that is getting bigger and bigger
From over 200 companies that applied from all over the Central and Eastern Europe, 13 young and innovative entrepreneurs from Poland, Belarus, Estonia, and Ukraine were selected. With the support of business partners, mentors and experts. They developed their technologies, redefined business models and determined the directions of their expansion.

Photo album here:

Get to know 13 innovative startups:

  • Chatbotize – an innovative platform supporting activities in the field of conversational marketing. The solution allows almost anyone, even people without any programming knowledge, to create a dedicated chatbot, facilitating interaction with the customer and shortening the shopping path.
  • Digital Engineering Solutions – a pioneer in the construction industry, whose solution combines AI technologies and advanced image analysis with the capabilities of smartphones, using them in the area of Asset management in order to reduce costs.
  • GlucoActive – the company offers the world’s first completely non-invasive blood glucose meter for people with diabetes.
  • LULU – a system that allows measuring and reducing stress in patients during dental procedures.
  • Mobility Lab – software that meets the needs of business customers in the field of electromobility, facilitating the management of car fleet, necessary infrastructure, energy consumption and billing related to the use of electric vehicles.
  • Raccoon.World – a rehabilitation tool based on solutions in the area of BIG DATA, Machine Learning and video games, supporting the process of rehabilitation of patients after injuries and neurological diseases.
  • Saventic – a platform (SARAH) with artificial intelligence algorithms allowing to diagnose oncology and rare diseases based on medical data i.e. patients’ electronic health records.
  • SmartVent– project management software that allows energy efficiency optimization of commercial properties. The solution provides up to 40% savings in energy consumption.
  • Tap2Pay – a system for optimizing online payments, targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises, ensuring high conversion in all sales channels.
  • TeleNeuroforma – a system for rehabilitation at home, supporting patients suffering from chronic diseases with interactive exercises in the form of games and remote care.
  • Wellify – an application whose operation is aimed at improving well-being, developing the emotional intelligence of employees through the use of various tools, including gamification.
  • Vaxican – a proprietary platform for the production of new generation immunological drugs – dedicated to patients with cancer.
  • – offers a tool to discover countries where we can travel without a visa. The app monitors over 200 countries for visa changes, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, disease epidemics, and political events, supporting travelers in planning their foreign travel.
Polish Tech Day 2017

Polish Tech Day 2017


We have a new partner!! Polish Tech Day 2017!
On June 16th, Google HQ in London is going to be the host of the next edition of Polish Tech Day. What will be the consequences of Brexit for the business relations between Poland and UK? What is the future of British financial sector and what can it learn from Polish pioneers of digital banking? How are the professional opportunities in CEE changing? You’ll learn the answers to these questions at Polish Tech Day in London, the largest event dedicated to Polish new technologies outside of Poland. Read more…


Micro-Meetup and Pitch-Off

Micro-Meetup and Pitch-Off

On July 4th, John Biggs will be holding a micro-meetup at Campus Warsaw. During the event, you will have 2 minutes to pitch in front of judges and then 2 minutes of questions. No slides, no props, needed.
The winner of the pitch-off will get a table at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2017 & the 2nd place winner will get two tickets to #DisruptSF.
The event is FREE but places are limited. make sure to RSVP here:
You can sign up to pitch here ( and we will only respond to the selected folks.